Generic Nitrofurazone

Nitrofurazone is a furan class antimicrobial organic compound affecting both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. The most common use of Nitrofurazone is the treatment of various skin infection.

Nitrofurazone is most commonly prescribes to treat bacterial infections that were caused by burns, wounds and sometimes ulcers. Furthermore, it can be prescribed to treat bacterial infections that were caused by skin grafts.

Nitrofurazone comes to market in the form of ointments, creams, and solutions. Nitrofurazone can be applied directly to the skin but in some cases, it should be placed on the cheesecloth pad that will cover the infected place on the skin.

Furacin ointment is the trademark of Nitrofurazone and the most common of its names that can be found on the pharmacy market. But brand names can be quite expensive due to marketing resources invested in them. Nitrofurazone generic equivalents look much more profitable on their background, as generics don’t need advertising and can please you with low price and high quality.

People with total body surface area burns and renal insufficiency shouldn’t use Nitrofurazone as it can be absorbed through the skin and can cause anion gap and serum osmolalities. The symptoms are similar to ethylene glycol poisoning.

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