Generic Ethionamide

Ethionamide is a second-line antibiotic that widely used to treat tuberculosis. Ethionamide combines only with other antitubercular drugs to treat tuberculosis precisely active multidrug-resistant tuberculosis form. It is also can be used to treat leprosy. It works by disrupting the mycolic acid.

Ethionamide is available in the form of tablets. It should be taken orally, usually twice a day with or without food. Administration with food can help to improve Ethionamide’s tolerance.

In most cases doctors have prescribed Ethionamide in the form of an expensive branded product called Trecator-sc. At the same time, there are many generic Ethionamide products available. All generic equivalents have a similar quality and can be ordered online without any problem.

Ethionamide can’t treat virus infections like common flu, for example. Patients with liver impairment should undergo regular monitoring.

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