Generic Ofloxacin

Ofloxacin is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic used to treat several types of bacterial infections. It acts by stopping the growth of aerobic Gram-positive, aerobic Gram-negative microorganisms and chlamydia.

Ofloxacin can be prescribed to treat respiratory tract infections including pneumonia, as well as urinary tract infections and prostatitis. It can also be used to treat infectious diarrhea and plague. In some cases, it can be used to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Ofloxacin in the form of drops can treat eye and ear bacterial infections.

Several forms of Ofloxacin are available on the market, such as tablets, liquid, solution, and drops. It is taken by mouth or by injection into a vein. Floxin is usually prescribed when Ofloxacin is necessary because it is the more familiar manufactured drug. Nevertheless, specialists more often choose generic Ofloxacin as a cheaper but a quality replacement to Floxin and other brand drugs.

Ofloxacin can treat only bacterial infections, it can’t kill viruses and cannot be used to treat flu or cold.

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  • Floxin

    Floxin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic to treat bronchitis, pneumonia, skin infections, urethral and cervical gonorrhea, urethritis and cervicitis.

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    From 35.99$

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